Back On Track!

It is hard to believe how time flies, isn't it? And then, there is the challenge of time dragging on and on.....

The frustration of patience that has been forced on me while trying to bring this book to market has made me...well, FRUSTRATED! You see, I am a "do-er". I am prolific, driven, obsessed and passionate about anything creative I take on. To have to wait for others, or have extraneous forces exert their demands and prevent me from accomplishing something, is quite the challenge for my  Type A personality.

In bringing this children's book to fruition, these passages of time spent waiting that are out of my control have been excruciating. I have had to tap into inner resources of patience like never before. 

Self publishing is NOT very easy. It seems so, and many will tell you it is, but it hasn't been so in my case. Oh yes, if you just want a one-off book and are willing to pay gobs of money for it, it is super easy! There's Blurb, Lulu and more, all ready and waiting with a format.

What have I learned as this process has dragged on?

The final cover!

The final cover!

1) I learned (too late) that I should have used Portrait orientation rather than Landscape, as the cost and accessibility is MUCH better. More companies offer Portrait and at a lesser cost. Most Print on Demand services offer Portrait, although that is starting to change. Most printers charge more for landscape printing. There is a LOT to learn about printing....papers, cover stock, ink, bleeds, yada yada yada....

2) It is A LOT more expensive to print Landscape format.

3) Blurb costs the moon. I got a sample hardcover of my children's book printed to have for posterity. It cost me $88.00. Yep, you read that right! So, if I wanted to sell it to you, you'd need to fork out $176.00!!!! And, they made an error, so I had to go through the agony twice.

4) It is a lot more expensive to print a book that is 54 pages.

5) It is near impossible to find a decent printing company for a decent price to print your book IN DECENT QUALITY. I am still on the hunt.

6) You have to register for ISBN's. Library of Congress codes. Barcodes. 


7) On the positive side, I have taught myself more Photoshop skills! 

8) The internet is an amazing resource for help in learning those Photoshop skills!

I have become a petulant child recently, as getting the taxes ready have taken precedence over finalizing the last details and continuing the search for a decent printing company that won't charge me the moon.

Quiera Quail knows there are mysteries to publishing....... I need a genie right about now!

Quiera Quail knows there are mysteries to publishing....... I need a genie right about now!

So, that's where I am at in mid March, year 2015, and 5 years since I first started this project....but you know, I look through my copy and LOVE it and it bolsters me and gives me the encouragement to know that I WILL get there. It may not be tomorrow, it may not be next week, but it will surely be...soon. And unless the world ends and I never get to see others enjoying my book, that's as good as it gets!!!!