Still waiting. waiting. waiting.....

Well, I have thus far submitted my book manuscript to 9 publishers, and am still in the process of sending a few out. I have almost exhausted my publisher resources, though!

Chronicle has not responded within their specified 6 month time period, which leads me to believe they might be out. However, something happened last week to do with them (in a serendipitous moment....) so I remain hopeful that my first choice publishers may turn attention to me, after all! 

Peachtree Publishers sent me a lovely rejection letter. I really appreciated that they took the time to at least respond. Artists get VERY accustomed to rejection; often we never know WHY, so it was good to hear, even though it was bad to hear!

I am slowly looking into graphic designers in the event that I will have to self-publish. That means a lot more time, tons more $$$$$, and a HUGE commitment of effort, a Kickstarter, etc. Tiring just thinking about it. I have had moments of self-doubt when I wonder if the book is "good enough." But, as soon as I pick up my manuscript and look at it, I am filled with such determination to get this almost 4 year labor of love out into the world. I love what I have done so much, that I am renewed with commitment. When I look at some of the crap that has been published, I just cannot imagine that my book won't sell. Thank you to the myriad of friends who have said they will buy at least one- if not multiple- copies. That means so much to me having some of you believe in me!

Determination, fortitude, stick-to-it-ness. Some days it wears you down trying to be positive...but other days, it energizes! 

A little teaser- another page! Iggy Ibis is Artistically Inspired in Indonesia

A little teaser- another page! Iggy Ibis is Artistically Inspired in Indonesia