The Waiting Game

Well, it has been 2 months since I began sending out my dummy manuscripts to publishers. 

So far, I have sent one out to each of 6 different publishers. Depending on where they are mailed to, each submission costs me between $32.00 and $42.00 to print, bind and mail. Only one so far has accepted an email submission (free!) The rest of the publishers I have chosen to submit to require snail mailed manuscripts.

I struggled with whether or not to send along an actual character (NOT from the book, just random, fun characters I am making) with each manuscript. I finally decided to go for it. The fact that these are done using thread on a sewing machine is easier to comprehend when holding one in one's hand! Here are a few I have sent: 


This is the main character of my next book, titled "Never Bite Off A Dragon's Tongue" ! 

This is the main character of my next book, titled "Never Bite Off A Dragon's Tongue" ! 


I had a gorgeous bluebird that I sent out, but forgot to photograph! 

So, I wait....and wait, and hope that one of the publishers is intrigued enough to contact me and work with me. I have given this process until July of 2014 and then I will begin the arduous task of hiring a graphic designer, publishing it myself, and promoting it on Kickstarter or some other crowd-funding campaign platform. Already in the hole for thousands of dollars, I puzzle over how others do it, and the affect luck has on our ability to succeed. I know several artists who have projects fall into their laps constantly and don't need to pursue opportunities.

This is the last large project I will undertake and I don't say this as a "woe is me" moment; as an artist who has spent all of my retirement $$ on making art, with little to show for it in financial return, it just can't keep going on. In my mid 50's now, there does come a time when one has to be practical. 

People tell me to hang in there and I still remain hopeful!