YEP, HUMANS SUCK. And, they suck even more when they vandalize art. 

I got permission from Blue Heron Nature Preserve to leave my sculptural pieces up longer, as I had made them so well they just weren't disintegrating quickly enough! So, imagine my surprise when driving by today, to see the bare rock that (in)CONSEQUENTIAL used to be wrapped all over! Upon further investigation, I could see it strewn throughout the trees and brush leading down to the creek.

So, tonight I will don rubber boot, jeans and glove, battle the poison ivy and potential Copperheads, and try to get it all back and into place. It doesn't look like all of it is there; I think some of it has meandered its way down the river....

Yes, I knew there was the potential of this happening, but when it does it IS a shock. 

I want to believe in the goodness of humans but it seems that the bad often outweighs it.