The Art of Nature opening reception at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve went well!

It was a gorgeous day! The turnout for the opening reception for The Art of Nature went very well, with a nice crowd of adults, children and dogs gathering to stroll the grounds of the preserve and hear the artists speak about their works. Local Atlanta artist and photographer Polly Nance came with her kids and captured a few photos of my pieces (all images below- Polly Nance) as I spoke about them. There was a worm crawling on my sculpture From the Ground, Up and flowers nestling in (in)CONSEQUENTIAL. Polly captured a bug enjoying that piece, also! The kids also loved rolling and sitting on my sculptures. 

So glad I am able to participate in this project, sponsored by the Women's Caucus of Art Georgia, and I am really excited to watch further transformations of my piece as time passes.