"Reality is that which is sprouting all the time out of death and disintegration" Henry Miller

A liberating moment came from the letting go of two of my favorite art works on April 21, 2015.

Serendipity answered my call. I had been looking for a situation in which to place two of my installation art works -- tangible pieces that have been in several indoor exhibitions where they were guarded and revered -- and relinquish them to an unprotected, outdoor situation, bared to the elements of nature, dogs and unmonitored humans. When I saw the call for installation art works to be placed for a two month span at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve in Atlanta, Georgia, sponsored by the Women's Caucus of Art of Georgia, and the location being just 3 easy walking blocks from my home, it certainly seemed destined. In putting these fiber art works into this unknown (thank you to the WCAGA for accepting my application!) I am surely sealing their fate to disintegrate and die. At the end of two months I will say a few words over them, thank them for being a wonderful part of my creative life, gather them up, and throw them in the trash.

It seems sad, all of those hours of work and thousands of dollars spent (for nothing?) but in doing so, I am gestating and then birthing a new art work. I will photograph these pieces every few days, documenting each as they transform: a time lapse that creates a new reality in their very disintegration and death. Such is the way of the artist. One cannot hold dear every single thing, for there needs to be a home for these pieces and if they remain homeless, they need to become something else as wonderful. I often tear up, cut up, burn and then repurpose those transformations into new works. 

I hope you will come along with me as I watch these pieces change, disappear, and morph in a new way. I have shed my skin of them.

April 21, 2015 (in)CONSEQUENTIAL

Hand dyed wool, plastic drinking straws


A walk through the woods by a group of school children just a few minutes after I finished installing means immediate and wonderful interaction! Photo- Sally Eppstein

Child interacting

From the Ground, Up

Hand dyed wool, batting, thread

From the Ground, Up view 2
From the Ground, Up
From the Ground, Up view 3